UPDATE! *SPETSZNAZ has no uniform requirements*Check bottom of page*

So, you would like to join our team?

Here is what you will need to do:

  1. You will need to come out and attend one of our games to see how you get along with everyone.We like people that are easy to get along with, people that are able to represent us in a postive way at scenarios by not using foul language and cheating.
  2. If you still want to join, you will need to go ahead and play two more games with us (this will complete your three game probation period).
  3. You will then be eligible to join our team.
  4. You will need to fill out our team application to give us an idea on what kind of member you wish to become [Click Here]. 
  5. A *Reserve member is someone that has completed the three month probation period and would like to join the team, but cannot commit to playing once per month and/or purchase the required uniforms and patches. There are no certain certain requirments on gear or guns. Although a reserve member still must have at least woodland camouflage (bdu).
  6. An **Enlisted team member is the next step up from being a reserve, you can commit to playing once per month, purchase ACU (jacket and pants) and MARPAT (jacket and pants) ***camouflage uniforms and our team and squad patch.
  7. Enlisted members must adhere to our full tactical dress code, this means: no bright speedball colored masks or pod harnesses and etc. Must have a Tactical or Milsim style gun (see roster to get a better idea of what we look like). Vests, gloves and boots are also recommended.
  8. Comms - we do require enlisted members to have their own radios, we typically use standard GMRS/FRS radios. Good quality throat or boom mics are recommended but not required. While some members choose not to use these, you must deactivate your "Roger Beep" in considerance to not giving away their positions on the battle field.
  9. We require all enlisted members to join our website (you cannot join this site without an invitation,you will receive an invitation if accepted into the team).
  10. You must read and abide by the MilSim Brotherhood Code of Honor [Click Here]

* Reserve members do not receive full member benefits and discounts provided by our sponsors.

** Enlisted members are full members and receive all benefits and discounts provided by our sponsors, unfortunately we do not always have openings for enlisted membership and you may have to wait until a position is available.

*** The website listed on each link for the camo is one of the lowest priced sites online that you can get both patterns in the ACU style. The MARPAT style typically does not come with velcro on the arms for your patches so you will need to apply your own. You may also purchase your camo at your local surplus store.

 * Spetsnaz is our Airsoft division and only has our Code of Honor requirements as listed on the MSB website. No specific uniform is necessary, we only request that it is tactical and is not blue jeans and a T-shirt.